Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fashion News Au-Courant: Feb 22-28

What happened in Fashion this week...

I. Parfum D'Oxford

So you thought wearing purple was cool, Oxford University is now considering making their own brand of perfume and after-shave products. There is no specific mention of what the products will smell off- sophistication and intellect maybe? They have said that the scent will, "Embody the core essence of the University".

The idea is not from the University itself, but from Oxford Limited, which promotes the name of the University.

Hmm, maybe one day we'll wear Eau de Université Western?

II. Viva Viva Viva...GLAM!

So tomorrow at 11am, grab your computers and watch the live interview of Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper who will take part in an interview to promote MAC's Viva Glam. This year the campaign is entitled, "From our Lips"...

The Interview will be moderated by the eccentric Sharon Osbourne, and the discussion will allow the audience to have questions answered regarding HIV/AIDS.

If you want to ask a question, you need to tune in on facebook via the MAC Facebook Page

Watch the Interview here

*To promote the AIDS mission of this campaign, it is a reminder to all students that testing can be done at the Student Health Services in the UCC

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A snowy day....Sigrid, on Campus

She sewed the sequins on a knit cap!

Top & Skirt and Leggings: H&M
Scarf: From India
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Nine West
Belt & Earrings: Vintage Store in Montreal (you can't see in the photo, but she was wearing yellow studs earrings)
Something about me: "I am on an exchange from Denmark."
What I like about London, ON: "The school"
What I don't like: "Too much fast food on campus. I am from Copenhagen so I miss the city a little."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion News Au-Courant: Feb 18 - 25

....What happened in Fashion Last Week.

This is the first fashion news feature (of many to come), that will be posted as a weekly highlight of current articles all related to fashion and the industry. Excluding this current post, we will update it every Sunday, so it will cover anything that happened during the week. We hope that it will aid you all in staying stylishly informed, and bring about insightful discussion!

I. The Legacy Lives On - McQueen - What will happen with the Fashion house...

Alexander McQueen an eccentric designer famous for his unconventional design aesthetic died earlier this month, but it seems that the brand name he built has not. So what will happen with the brand...?

The Gucci Group announced that it will continue to finance the brand, and will still show the collection during Fashion Week. The show will not be an open runway show, but rather a private one held for editors only.

It is still unclear who will take over the design process of McQueen, although everyone knows that perspective McQueen brought to fashion, can never be replaced. Hmm, so who will make Lady Gaga's clothes now?

For a photo summary of McQueen's extraordinary work, go HERE.


Februry 19th -24th was the London Fashion Week for FW 2010. Burberry Prorsum, Jonathan Saunders and Paul Costelloe (the opener) were only a few of the many talented designers whose collections were displayed. This was their 25th Anniversary, and the designers definitely lived up to expectations!

Antonio Berardi


Colour Trends: Slate Grey, Camel, Pastel Pink, Teal

Fashion Trends: Trouser Pant, High Waisted Skirt


So it seems that there is some sort of trend where movies are now inspiring fashion. Opening Ceremony did a line back in the fall for Where the Wild Things Are, and District 9 became inspiration in Narciso Rodriguez 2010 runway show. I don't know about you guys, but I am ecstatic about the Alice in Wonderland movie coming out soon, cannot wait to wear a character inspired outfit to the opening. And it seems that I am not the only one...

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Ramdaq Photography

Alice by Temperley London

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All that background is a and blue stripes....Ryan, at Quotes Cafe

Hat: Winners
Sweater: a skater-ish shop in White Oaks

By the way, Ryan was promoting this, he is part of the production:

long white scarf...Jackie, at Weldon

Sweater: Vintage
Scart: H&M

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Student Profile No.2: Steven Ritchie and Static Wear

Who are you?
My name is steven ritchie. I'm a second year student at UWO and i run my own t-shirt line.

What's personal style?
I like to mix and match with new styles. My style evolves so I get new stuff but I still keep the old pieces.
I currently like street type clothes mixed with a classier look. Sometimes I bring out racy pieces just for the stares.

So How did you style evolve?
When I was younger I tried to fit in with styles, so there were baggie jeans, polo shirts, then skinny jeans, band shirts, American Apparel…. Then when I came to university I got more interested in fashion, the more high end stuff, mens wear and street wear. I’m trying to move solely into mens wear but I still don’t want to stop wearing street wear though.

What got you interested in fashion?
Actually Gossip girl, Chuck Bass has the best wardrobe of life. And fashion magazines.

What’s your favourite brand?
Nothing in particular – but I like H&M, Uniqlo – I have not seen the real clothes but it seems very nice – Burberry Prosrum, the ones coming out, Commes de Garcons, not the haute couture but the Ready-To-Wear, and Thom Browne. Street wise I like The Hundreds a lot and the small time brands too.

What are your Western fashion do’s and dont's?
Just don’t wear something because everyone has it. Don’t worry about standing out. You are an individual, dress like one.

Do you think that people are scared to wear something different? Or do you think some people are just not interested in fashion?
I think that people in general are very judgmental. That’s why most people dress just like their friends. I come from Oakville and there is no contributing styles or shopping districts, whereas in London, there are boutiques and a lot more opportunities to dress differently.

What are you involved this year in school?
I’m part of style society and the retail business club.


Tell me about Static Wear
It’s mostly personal interest. I draw inspiration from everything around me in my day-to-day life. I make it mainly for my friends and myself, what we like to wear. It doesn’t fit in specific genre of clothing.

What got you interested in doing this?
I had a bunch of ideas of what I thought would look good on shirts and one of my friends was doing it at the time so I got some pointers from him. I took a break for a while because I lost motive but I was looking for print shops one day and I found out about Johnny Cupcakes. I did some research on him. He produces clothes that are limited edition. He is bigger in the states, but he now hosts business lectures and other community type events. He’s made millions and is great inspiration along with The Hundreds based in L.A.

What’s new with Static Wear?
I just released winter hats and hoodies.

What’s the process of getting these products made?
So first is design or an idea. I have to sketch it out or make a basic plan. Then I put it on computer and touch it up and everything in Photoshop. I send it over to the print shop and get them printed. Finally I pick them up!

Are there a lot of print shops?
Yeah, I get my stuff made mostly in Oakville. I think purple door is way too expensive. There is a shop called Fresh Ink Apparel down on Wellington street that I tried out once and they were great. It’s just a mission to get there right now without the buses.

How do you do your research?
I do my research mostly online although I like to read up on stuff in magazines or just through talking to people.

Where do you see Static Wear going?
Static Wear is solely for fun, I don’t do it for the money. It’s cool to see people wearing my stuff though and that’s the best thing I get out of it.

Are you interested in expanding it?
Well, yes if my customer base get bigger, I want to do more hoodies and think of more designs for sure.

Where can people get static wear?
Through me is the best way. Just contact me.

What’s your advice to people who want to do something similar?
Do your research. Know lots of people. It takes a lot more than it seems. If you know people who own stores, ask them what you need to get your stuff in there. Find a mentor who you can ask anything you need.

Tell me about a recent project you are working on.
I am making a short animation film with a couple guys in Australia and a guy in Norway.
I help model the environment and assets such as furniture and stuff.
I always got inspired by animation, especially by Pixar. Their movies are beautiful.

To learn more about Static Wear and Steven Ritchie:

Photo credit: Chelsi Shenaynay M

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blue black cardigan..Mary, at UCC

Cardigan: Costa Blanca
Top: Urban Behaviour
Boots: Sirens

Friday, February 12, 2010

Student casual...Johnathan, at Weldon

Shoes: from Boston
Coat: Navy issue, from Orchard St. NYC

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Let's play dress up!" with Rima, At Mesh

On a very cold London winter day, a fashionologist and DOF's fellow fashionista, Rima, went to explore at Mesh, London's very own vintage shop, and examined what it had to offer. So they played dress up!

Look no.1: Retro housewife

Look no.2: Vintage fur.. the fox!

Look no.3: Modern classic

Look no.4: A boy

Very Special Thanks to:


Mesh has a great selection of accessories, shoes, and one-of-a-kind clothes that are unique, trendy and affordable($10-$40). Most of the merchandise is bought from L.A. and the rest is by consignment and made by local designers.

*All the clothes that Rima is wearing in the photos are sold in the store if they are not sold yet.
* Excuse us the quality of the pictures of this post.

Across the road from Barking Frog


Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 11:30am-6pm
Sunday: closed